Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to the real world, huh?

Back to the real world, huh?

You can't tell, but the sunburn under my shirt is making me shiver as I go through all my unread work email and slide back into the regular routine of the 9-to-5. I'm sure I'll expand on the actual vacation when I get a little more time, but right now I guess I don't mind being back in the office. I can only spend so much time doing nothing in Mexico. However I'm not going to lie and say I couldn't use with a little more time off just putzing around Chicago. It's true what they say; sometimes you do need a vacation to recover from the vacation.

I can also tell you this. I don't want to even see another margarita or Corona for at LEAST six months!*

*O.K., that's not completely true. I'm sure the next time I hit up Tecalitlan I will order one or the other. But you get the idea.

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