Thursday, October 08, 2009

TwitterTumblrFacebookization? Or just evolution?

TwitterTumblrFacebookization? Or just evolution?

The other day I was looking through my archives and boy oh boy could I get verbose. In the earliest days this site was only text and links. Then I figured out how to host pictures on a separate website and link them here (I never hotlinked though, I viewed that as theft back in the days when bandwidth was precious and such a thing could drain someone else's bank account ... not cool!). And it wasn't until relatively recently I would even do posts primarily consisting of videos. I think part of it is because my online mentality has evolved beyond MeMeMeMe into LookLookLook. I guess you could say I'm in more of a sharing mood.

But what effect has that had on my writing? That's a question I can't really answer. When I kick out longer pieces it still feels like me, but I definitely don't feel the drive I used to when it comes to creating longer pieces every single day. Does that make me lazy? Or am I merely adapting? I mean, if anything, my writing output has increased. I still write a great deal for Chicagoist, and I produce a LOT of stuff at the 9-to-5, so maybe I'm finding enough creative satisfaction through those two outlets? I'm inclined to think so.

What I haven't done in, literally, years is write any fiction. I don't know what that means. I think I still have stories left in me, and they dance behind my eyes every time I blink, but I never seem to have enough time to snatch them from behind my eyelids and put them down on paper.

Is there any creative outlet you rarely ever exercise anymore?

Photo by Timothy K. Hamilton

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