Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I was so blissfully clueless until now.

I was so blissfully clueless until now.

GalPal and I were talking the other night and she noted how funny it was that I was so well informed when it came to some thing, and so clueless when it came to others. I'm well rounded when it comes to current events and a reasonably solid worldview, and of course I'm pretty much a walking encyclopedia of music ... so what else could there possibly be? What is it I could be so clueless about?

Well, I got a rude awakening last night -- kind of a one-two punch -- while watching The Soup (Which used to be Talk Soup), a show I honestly haven't watched since Greg Kinnear was the host! Gal Pal and I were settled on the couch as new(-ish?) host Joel McHale ran through the usual talk shows and talking heads, familiar ground for me. Then he launched into quips on various reality TV shows and it was here that I grew startled. I had no idea so many reality shows still existed!

Sure, I'm familiar with the biggies, most of them in contest format, but I had NO idea so many existed that were populated by laarge families / preposterously wealthy families / 20-something douchebag real estate brokers / Lorenzo Lamas (!) / just an all around mind-boggling array of bottom feeders.

It was enough to really make me start to doubt the fabric of Western society. Do people really watch this shit?

I decided to take solace and watch a couple episodes of Community GalPal and II have missed over the last few weeks; we like the show because Chevy Chase is finally doing something funny and because the main character cracks me up with his vulnerable smugness. It was then that I realized said main character was ... Joel McHale, host of The Soup! I had no idea!*

GalPal had a very good laugh at that one ... and said it only underscored her previous point, and man was she right.

*Though the realization did make a slam against E! in that episode even more funny.

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