Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Redesign forthcoming.

Redesign forthcoming.

Since my Haloscan comments went kaput -- they were bought out a while ago and are now forcing people to pay for the service and I refuse to be strong-armed, even if it means losing years and years of comments -- and this current design has been around for approaching a decade, it seems as if a redesign is needed around these parts. I'll probably just stick with one of the blogger templates since i no longer really have the time to go building something all by myself, but just wanted to give everyone the heads-up so you didn't visit here in the near future and faint from the shock of me actually changing something!

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DShan said...

I highly recommend using disqus if you can fit it into the redesign (pretty sure i used it on blogger but not positive). Disqus will bring over your old comments, which is nice.