Thursday, January 28, 2010

Should auld acquaintance nea be forgo.

Should auld acquaintance nea be forgo.

Recently a girl I went to grade school in south Texas with found me via Facebook. It was a surprise since I moved from that area when I was ten, and we haven't spoken in decades. It was a nice surprise though and afforded me a brief dash into my past including ruminating on what would have happened had I never left The Valley. Since then she's recommended me to numerous other old classmates on Facebook and I have to admit some of the names popping into my inbox are drawing a blank, while others carry the hot flash of recognition and then surprise that I recognize their faces even though so many years have passed. Sometimes a ten-year-old's face morphs into something recognizable over that much time, but it's fun to see how folks eventually grew into their features.

It's been a little weird, and I'll admit I haven't accepted all the friend requests that were sent because it seems a little strange to suddenly allow everyone I went to grade school up to 5th grade access to so much current info. Nothing personal, just Facebook tends to be where I converse with folks I know a lot more recently. Nonetheless, it's been a joy to see that so many people haven't seen in so many years seem to have ended up in pretty good places. Good for them!

The photo above was taken in McAllen, TX ... my old stomping grounds waaaaay back when!


Gage said...

Facebook is crazy that way. You know, I lived in Houston way back when...only went to nursery school there though...can't say I've gotten any facebook requests from those days!

Tankboy said...

Well, now that you said that, prepare for the friend requests to come rolling in!