Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Random thoughts from last night at Debonair.

Random thoughts from last night at Debonair.

I went out for a rare Monday visit to Rehab since it was serving as the official Lollapalooza line-up announcement party, and I'd gotten word that Perry Farrell himself would be the MC.
  • The ratio of party photographer to party-goer was about 2:1.
  • Most of the bartenders at Deb were still unfriendly, even though the place was packed, but the dude tending the bar upstairs facing the main room was a real peach, serving drinks fast and with a smile.
  • Perry Farrell still looks amazing. I think he's been sucking David Bowie's blood.
  • My friend Kelcy: "Oh my god, Perry Farrell actually talks like that?"
  • The line-up will keep me happy for three days, fuck the haters. (Though WTF?! with Blues Traveler and Slightly Stoopid?!)
  • Team Bayside High will SLAY at Perry's Stage. They are so much goofy fun you simply can't resist 'em.
  • See you in August!

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betsyboo said...

haha that's funny there were more photographers. I remember that happened when I was in college and some Neo-nazis decided to have a rally. Way more photographers and police showed up than neo-Nazis. Not that I'm comparing Nazis to Lolla or anything. You get the point.