Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Disturbing dreams, they disturb my sleep.

Disturbing dreams, they disturb my sleep.

Last night's sleep was one interrupted by me constantly waking up from a narrative nightmare of GalPal suddenly leaving me cruelly and without warning for someone else, all while a psychotic bully chased me from end to end and refused to expire (I seemingly being the only one in the dream to realize that the horror movie trope of "if you can't see the body, the danger has not passed" is one you MUST live by should you expect to survive those sorts of situations).

The first half is easy enough to decipher since my Catholic guilt is obviously still gnawing at me for sins of my past and my own sudden abandonment of another, but the second half is up to interpretation. Is it my unyielding drive? Is it because I was bullied as a kid? Is it just one too many scary movies too close to bedtime? Who knows?

Only one thing is sure. I am not a fan of disturbing dreams with a long narrative that pick up right where they left off the second I close my eyes again.

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