Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It's ... TankBird Tuesday again!

It's ... TankBird Tuesday again!

Talk about no rest for the wicked. THE day I get back into the real world from my vacation just happens to also be the second Tuesday of the month which means it's TankBird Night at The Burlington! Last time we DJed there were unicorns in attendance, which tells you exactly why you should NOT miss tonight.

I hear it might rain -- which is par for the course since God usually throws off-seasonal or inclement weather conditions at us to prevent the masses from attending and having their minds blown -- but who let a little water stop them from having a good time. In fact I recommend all boys and girls not even bring umbrellas so everyone starts the night of all wet and sexy looking.

Wanna know what to expect music-wise? Well, it changes from month to month depending on the crowd (we personalize!) but here's a sampling of some stuff that's made it into my half of the evening's sets.

Setlist: TankBird Tuesday in March
Setlist: TankBird Tuesday in April
Setlist: TankBird Tuesday in May

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