Friday, July 30, 2010

Busy week, busier weekend!

Busy week, busier weekend!

It's been quite a week. Things at the 9-to-5 are poppin' (in the most excellent way) and Chicagoist has been keeping me busy in my off time so I'm really looking forward to unwinding over the weekend.

As if.

I'm DJing at The House of Blues Foundation Room tonight, so if you're a member this would be good evening to stop on by! I've never DJed there before but judging by the mix of music they requested it should be a good time, with lots of rock, some '80s and a little pop. Then tomorrow GalPal and I are heading up to Wisconsin with SuperBird and her man to attend the annual Burlington Good Times party; a weekend filled with friends, drinking, huge dinners, fireworks, and epic games of flip-cup. Your basic chance for a bunch of adults to just have the best time they possibly can. And then we hope to make it back in time Saturday to catch a few of the headliner acts at The Wicker Park Fest. And then Monday it's right back into the work week!

And did I mention Lollapalooza and the 72-hours of madness that accompanies that is next weekend? When am I going to find time to sleep?!

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