Thursday, July 22, 2010



The following things are true:
  • I have an ability to make faces like an animated charachter causing some to dub me a living cartoon and then get ocular whiplash as I whip between frenzied faces and utter static dead stares.
  • I now officially weigh less than I did in college, although I am not bulkier and more built, though certainly not musclebound.
  • I age in reverse.
  • I have a divot carved out under my left eye from a cyst dug out by a plastic surgeon that probably should have retired from his craft twenty years before. At the time I was annoyed by it, but now I think it's one of the few things that keeps me from looking like a freshman in college.
  • I beat Kim Thayil in a danceoff and haven't seen anyone from Soundgarden since then, and I don't plan on seeing any of them ever again, especially at Lollapalooza.*
  • I am DJing Saturday with Keep at The Continental.
  • Two years ago, this coming Saturday, I met the love of my life at The Continental. No joke.**
  • Not that I'm getting married, but I was thinking about the concept of the actual wedding ritual and realized that such a thing is so prohibitively expensive I a) literally don't know how people afford it and b) don't see how I could ever gather enough money to throw into the ether, never to be seen again, to actually get married.
  • If you have tickets you want to sell me to this weekend's Cubs / Cards games I wold be eternally grateful, especially since GalPal is from St. Louis and guaranteeing her attendance would bring a smile to her face that would light me up.
  • I need a haircut.
  • I need a shave.
  • I need, and am thankful, for your attention.
*This is a partial lie. I have since seen Matt Cameron since then, but he was a member of Pearl Jam at that time so I don't count it as a "Soundgarden sightning."
**More on that tomorrow.


Mich said...

Go Cards!

Tankboy said...

Well, even if I can't find you tickets at least you know they'll be on a local station this weekend so you don't have to listen to the games on your MLB app!