Wednesday, July 14, 2010



So this week was to be THE week. The week I finally turn in my old phone and purchase a brand new iPhone. I've held out buying the iPhone for years, knowing full well Apple's history of creating something and then refining it. What began as a decent device would become an excellent device, if I could just hold out a few years years. So, time has passed and I've been tempted to dash my current phone against the wall countless times as friends and family happily typed away on their touchscreens. It grew into torture. But I knew if I just held out I would end up being the one with the nigh perfect iPhone while they jealously looked at me from behind their outdated technology!

And then the iPhone 4 was introduced and I knew it was exactly what I had been waiting for. My moment had arrived!

Or had it?

As the weeks have passed since its release I've heard more and more reports of defects in the phone, the antenna issue being the most vexing and perplexing since Apple seems unwilling to even address it, and doubts took seed. Then GalPal upgraded her own phone to iOS4 and suddenly her iPhone 3GS was acting up; apps were crashing, her email wasn't reliable, and everything in general was just running a lot slower. I started to wonder if the iPhone 4 would turn out to be the equivalent of Windows Vista. And even if Apple solves all the iPhone issues it's not like they're going to release new units with those fixes since it would trigger incredible consumer backlash and force them to recall and replace EVERYONE'S iPhone 4.

So where does that leave me?

I reckon my options are:
  • I wait until next year, when the NEXT iPhone comes out.
  • I wait a few more months just to see if any upgrades or fixes are offered to ease my mind.
  • I say fuck it since I hate my current phone so much and just buy the damn iPhone 4 knowing that in 3-6 months I will feel that same sense of betrayal every Apple customer feels when the company rolls out something shinier and newer.
So what do you think? What should I do?


Riley said...

Supposedly...the antenna issue is an easy-ish fix with a case, or the far more attractive duct tape on the lower left corner. I got the iPhone 4 since I plan to keep a case on it and can't really wait around for the next version.
I'm sure we'll end up hating ourselves either way.

Tankboy said...

So outside the antenna issue -- which I planned on solving with a case as well -- are you happy with it. Is the operating system zippier on it since it's actually designed for it? I'm wondering if that's one reason Michelle's 3GS has slowed down.

Swanksalot said...

I upgraded from a 3GS about a week ago, and am extremely pleased with the 4G. I noticed some problems with iOS4 on the older phone too, but not on the 4G.

FWIW, have yet to experience any signal loss from the antenna problem, in fact the overall reception seems better for me.

I say, go for it, even though there will be a new one released next year (or earlier), at least you'll have a better phone than your current one.

Tankboy said...

Thanks. That does ease my mind quite a bit. I was so excited about the iPhone 4 so I've been super bummed to start experiencing doubts over it!

Mich said...

Buy a 3GS and don't upgrade. It'll be cheaper and awesomer.

Tankboy said...

Oh no you don't! I'm not falling for that! You WILL envy my brand new phone!

twg said...

Eff this iPhone noise, everyone I know has had trouble with these things, not to mention AT&T. I'm sticking with Verizon and getting something droidy when I'm set to get my new phone in a couple months. I can't wait! :)

Tankboy said...

I've had AT&T (and when it was Cingular) for over 15 years, so I have no real issue with them.

Plus, who the heck still TALKS on their phone anyway?!


the mick said...

It does depend where you are; I had such trouble with T-mobile when I lived in Detroit; it was great in Boston. My peeps here seem to have trouble with their iPhone signals, must be that Chicago is better tuned to AT&T or something.