Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The metal is oddly cool against our feet.

The metal is oddly cool against our feet.

When Betty the Beagle walks down our stairs it sounds like a herd of beagles are slowly making their way down some steep metallic hill. Our interior stairway was actually designed for outdoor use; it's made of metal and I bet it could withstand the elements better than our non-weatherproofed wooden front porch. As a result unless you have feet sans any sort of claw (read: GalPal or Tankboy) you're going to make a ruckus. Heck, even the cats make a healthy amount of noise running up and down those stairs and they're supposed to be all lithe and quiet and shit, right?

Why would you put an outside stairway inside? I kind of like its quirkiness though I admit there has been once or twice where an unsteady step upward resulted in a bump that could've broken or at least split open a shin. I wouldn't recommend letting your kids using it as a jungle gym. But I like things that are slightly off so it suits me. The house we rent is old and has lots of little idiosyncrasies that I or GalPal would happily change or update, but our outdoor stairway that's inside is the one I'd probably just leave as-is.


Alyson said...

That is too cool!

Tankboy said...

And very, very strange ... which is why it's probably so cool!

twg said...

"Because they're made of metal, and robots are strong."

Sorry, Old Glory got into my head from that.

Mich said...

One of these days I'm going to fall down those stairs in the middle of the night.

Tankboy said...

Well, remember when I cracked my head on the ceiling while going down the stairs that one time? Ouch!