Friday, August 20, 2010



Woke up this morning to find GalPal had disappeared! I found her sleeping on the couch downstairs. Our house has central air but for some reason the upstairs is always a handful of degrees warmer than the other floors so GalPal and I tboth migrate to the cooler lower environs from evening to evening. Still, it's slightly unnerving to wake up and find yourself alone in a big bed.

I'm up incredibly early -- couldn't get back to sleep I guess -- and already the day has a weird feel to it. We're moving to a different office today at the 9-to-5 so we're shutting everything down early which already gives the day a combination of "hustle and bustle" and "early holiday" vibes. This afternoon is GalPal's company outing, and they kindly invited me, so I'll be catching the Cubs game, giving the day an even more surreal tinge. And later tonight Keep and his lady are hosting a small get-together which means I'll get to catch up with some of my favorite people in the world.

Can this day get any more stuffed?

So, um, yeah, that's what I got. What've YOU got on tap today / this weekend?

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