Monday, November 29, 2010

As I type this, I think Pickle the Kitten has found some residual catnip around the scratching post.

As I type this, I think Pickle the Kitten has found some residual catnip around the scratching post.

Y'know, it just ain't fair that this year Cyber Monday falls on the the day BEFORE I get paid. Usually I wouldn't be so broke, but I laid out all the dough for an all-inclusive vacation GalPal and I are taking this winter. It's nice to have such a big expense paid before you even take off -- nothing worse than coming home from a vacation realizing you have yet to pay it off, right? -- but it comes at the expense of missing any great deals that pop up today.

In other "it ain't fair" news, I spent most of the holiday weekend sick on the couch. Yay! No, it blew. I'm not used to being ill and I really hate being ill during any sort of vacation time! On the plus side, GalPal enjoyed the fact that my up and down fevers and constant coughing meant we stayed in almost all weekend, which made for a really relaxing couple of days off work for her. I'm trying to accentuate the positive here.

Finally, this week is shaping up to be a challenging one at the 9-to-5. My teammates and I have a lot on our plate, and that's daunting, but I'm also excited that the things facing us are the sorts of things that will end up allowing us to create some really, really cool stuff.


TKTC said...

I hear you on being broke for Cyber Monday but generally speaking, I think it'll probably prevent some impulse silliness on my part. In unrelated (but still kinda related news) I switched out HC's scratching board yesterday and sprinkled some fresh catnip over it. She, of course, did not find said catnip until 11 last night/bedtime. When she promptly started doing sprint laps and yowling at my slippers.

Tankboy said...

On Cyber-deals, I'm with you. The only thing I REALLY want is a new laptop and some DJ software, but I know I should just sit on that until the next iteration comes out.

And it's a universal rule that cat playtime begins the second your head hits the pillow ... hee.