Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dark all day.

Dark all day.

It's Tuesday and it already feels like a long week. Rising to darkness and coming home to darkness can begin to do weird things to your head, and with the dropping temps I can't even take solace in a ten-minute lunchtime walk across the street. Instead I find myself hugging buildings and diving into underground tunnels to avoid the chill. The only upswing is that with the recent time change I do feel more rested, what with that whole gaining of an hour. But it's a bittersweet achievement since I know that advantage is only a week or two from melting away completely to be replaced by the cold throb of another Midwest winter.

Man, what a downer to start the day, huh? Let's counter those previous thoughts with some sequins to try and offset the above a bit. This dude LOVES HIS LIFE, so I'm going to try and follow his lead...

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TC said...

I love his expression when he realizes he swore on camera!