Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Drawing a blank.

Drawing a blank.

Today Leah wrote about having nothing going on.* I realized that while I have the opposite problem I have a really hard time articulating it. Whenever someone asks me "what's going on?" my answer is always "not much" or "same old same old." It's akin to when someone asks me what I'm listening too or what my new favorite band is; there's just too much going on there for me to answer in a bite-sized nugget that would be appropriate for a simple socially polite question. Sometimes I almost feel like I should carry a cheat-sheet with me, or a flashcard, or something similar so I can field what should be a simple query.

Do you have the same problem?

*To be honest, I think Leah's idea of "nothing going on" is probably still WAY busier than the average person's idea of "nothing going on."


TC said...

yeah, you know, I always say "not much" but the reality is I don't have a moment to myself most of the time these days.

I guess I just figure actually running down everything I'm doing would be boring for anyone else and really, I always figure people tune out immediately after asking that question anyway, as the accepted answer IS "not much"!

Tankboy said...

In my case it gets a teensy bit awkward because people assume I am up to "BIG EXCITING THINGS" and they seem slightly disappointed when I can't outline everything going on ... though you are 100% correct in predicting that were I, or anyone, to actually run down the list of "what's going" on it would bore the questioner to tears.