Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ground control to major Tom!

Ground control to Major Tom!

I'm feeling like crud. Which is not good just before a holiday weekend, during a work week in which I have a million thing I HAVE to get done before the office closes tomorrow. I know I'm just going to have to power through -- I always do* -- so whatever. I'll just ignore how I feel and get what needs to get done, done. If I need to go to my happy place at any point I'll just imagine a better world; a world here David Foster Wallace actually interviewed David Bowie.

*Much to GalPal's chagrin. She says she's never found anyone with so many reasons not to take a sick day in her life. I blame my discomfort in calling in on a) an unusually strong work ethic and b) an unusually strong sense of Catholic guilt that fears people won't believe me even when I'm telling the truth.

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