Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween was absolute panduh-monium!

Halloween was absolute panduh-monium!

I dressed up in a Halloween costume Saturday night. I haven’t worn a costume in many, many years, but GalPal came up with one – the rabble-rousing pandas (panduhs) from LCD Soundsytem’s “Drunk Girls” video – that was so much fun I couldn’t resist.* And it was a HUGE success. We threw confetti at people, jumped onstage to dance with a friend’s band at Double Door (he didn’t know it was us until afterward) and generally did our best to have fun and wreak havoc (without actually wreaking any havoc that might ruin someone else’s god time.**)

It was also the first year that GalPal didn’t wear a “sexy _____” costume (though previous years’ “sexy _____” costumes she wore were often “sexy” primarily because of their formfitting nature and often countered with gruesome make-up so she looked like a zombie or the Black Dahlia). I would like to go on the record saying I see nothing wrong with folks that want to get “sexy” or “slutty” on Halloween. It’s the day everyone gets to be whatever they want to you should feel free to wear as little, or as much, clothing as you feel comfortable in. Don’t be hatin’ of people that want to be hot on Halloween, they have the right to do so.***

*Bonus costume for Friday Night: We attended a Halloween party urging you “mash-up” costumes – our friend was “Garth Vader” and GalPal was “Vampire Weekend at Bernies” – so I just wore and old Boy Scout shirt and went as “Tankboy Scout.” Har de har.

**Well, there was one dude at Panic! That got super aggro when I just walked by him and the target of his affections in an overly exaggerated “I’m so sneaky” manner. He actually shook his fist at me and started yelling. I still have no idea what that was about. Maybe he’s just really scared of panduhs?

***I will admit I was a bit afraid I’d see way too many “sexy Lady GaGa” costumes though and was really pleased to see almost no one dressed up as her at the places I ended up. Like I said, “sexy” is fine with me, but I do like to see “original” too.


Mich said...

i iz sexuy panduh.

twg said...

I was sexy Tom Brady this year!

Just kidding, I was Injured Tom Brady. It was only "sexy" because it was me, of course.

I contemplated doing Lady Gaga from Paparazzi, but I didn't feel like spraypainting my crutches gold. Or wearing a metal bustier. I didn't see any Gagas out & about, btw.