Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That wonderful time of the year!

That wonderful time of the year!

So, hey, wow, it's almost December!* How the heck did that happen?! That means it's almost time for year-end lists, holiday parties, vacations, ineffective fist-shaking at snow and ice and face-shearing winds, convincing GalPal it is NOT a good idea to put reindeer antlers on Betty the Beagle, bourbon sippin' with a movie on the couch in lieu of braving the elements to go to a bar, bitching about a cough that just will NOT go away (oh look, I'm already doing that!), winter snugglin', enjoying the gym for thirty-one more days before the Resolutionaries stream in and temporarily fuck everything up, my newly mended leather jacket to come out of the closet and onto my shoulders, and me giving into GalPal and allowing her to put party hats on Sash the Cat and Pickle the Kitten.

Yup, almost that time of year!

*A side note, if I may? I woke up the Friday after Thanksgiving morning to discover our house had already been festooned with Christmas decorations. GalPal has enough sense to know Thanksgiving is too early, but as of midnight the next day the holidays have free reign in her house! I noticed, similarly, that the owner of the corner bar by our house did the same thing at midnight that morning; he removed the rotating boobie sculpture to replace it with the seasonal leg lamp and a Festivus pole. Viva la holidays!


twg said...

I am waiting a little more time to get a tree, but my stockings are hung by the bookshelf with care.

There is also a little fiber optic USB tree on my computer screen. It's adorable.

Tankboy said...

Those all count as holiday decorations!

Mich said...

Our tree is fake, and 24 inches tall. But it's just enough.

also, I see that this picture was pre-cat-attack.

Tankboy said...

It was! Maybe by about 30 minutes...