Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet The Beatles ... again.

Meet The Beatles ... again.

Going through a mini Beatles phase again. I always respect what they've done but I have to admit sometimes I just can't listen to the band. You would think what with all the media overkill around the band right now this would be one of those times I wouldn't be able to stand the Fab Four, but for some weird reason I'm finding myself willingly plugging them into the tankPOD (especially the latter albums) far more often again. I wonder why?

In a related note, I realize that whenever I get into The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or The Who, it's always singularly. I never find myself digging all three bands to the extreme at the same time. Again, I wonder why?


TC said...

don't know why, but I just can't with the Beatles.

Tankboy said...

Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. They don't make me want to rock out but when I listen to them I think it's more in awe of the huge advances they made in such a short amount of time and the HUGE ripple effect they had.

Alyson said...

Music phases, we all have 'em. I have phases where I CAN NOT listen to The Beatles. No idea why.