Monday, December 06, 2010



We leave for Jamaica tomorrow. (I feel OK telling you this since we have a friend house-sitting, so all you would be thieves should probably stay away because I'm reasonably sure our friend will be here 24-hours a day cheerfully soaking up our cable and WiFi ... one of the few perks for putting up with the tiny terror that is Betty the Beagle!*)

Anyway, what that means is that I shall still be writing regularly this week, but don't be surprised if most of the entries consist of photos of sunny beaches and GalPal in a bikini. If those sort of things upset you, you should probably stay away from here until next Monday.


*I kid. Betty loves our friend. So much so I think she's a little disappointed when we finally return home.

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Shoeshine Boy said...

Just was there 2 weeks ago. Check out Catch a Falling Star restaurant in Negril. Amazing food. Jerk Burger. Do it.