Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh hi. Are you following me? In all of these places? You should be!

Oh hi. Are you following me? In all of these places? You should be!

So it's time for a quarterly check-in of all the places you can find me online. Well, not ALL of the places, but all of the places I tend to post unique content. Sometimes I do cross and duplicate something here or there across platforms, but for the most part I try to tailor what I post / write / rant about to the appropriate online venue.

You are here, so you know where to find my long standing blog. Good for you. If you want to follow the brief things I might post throughout the day then you probably want to visit my Tumblr regularly. There's some fun stuff there, I promise.

If you want to know just how incredibly witty or profane I can get in 140 characters or less than you should probably be following me on Twitter (and if you are one of those that doesn't want to sign up for a Twitter account, you can still subscribe to my Twitter feed's RSS feed. Wow!)

Speaking of RSS feeds, I read A LOT of them, so if you're interested in seeing what I skim off that ocean of information and share as particularly interesting maybe you want to check into my Google Reader Shared Items page. Again, chock full of good stuff.

And, duh, CHICAGOIST! That's where my "big boy" music and events writing appears (almost) daily.

So that's the main four outlets* you should be regularly checking EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES OF EVERY DAY so you can be caught up on all things Tankboy related. Whoo!

*Unless you have met me face to face and aren't stalking me, in which case you can gain entry into my heavily guarded (riiiight) Facebook profile.


Lisa Love said...

YES!! TANKBOY stalking made so much easier!!! :)

Tankboy said...

If only there was a single button you could push to see me EVERYWHERE and ALL OF THE TIME!

Erm, actually, it's probably better that there's not. My life actually does have a few dull moments here and there...

me said...

All Tankboy, all the time.