Monday, January 24, 2011

A quick thought on yesterday's sporting events in the U.S.A.

A quick thought on yesterday's sporting events in the U.S.A.

It is no secret that sports do not connect with me like they do with the majority of the population. I tried to get into them for much of my first 16 or so years on the planet but I'm missing whatever gene it is that allows that particular strain of fandom to take root. However I will admit to feeling a little envious that so many people can get so passionate and deeply invested in activities that have absolutely zero real effect on their world. I don't mean that in a condescending way, I swear. I am a fellow who has difficulty really losing his shit over anything so I am honestly in awe that there is something out there that can effect so many and cause them to completely lose their minds.

Also, we drove to the 'burbs yesterday and there was ZERO traffic because of the games. As GalPal said, "I knew this Bears versus Packers game was a bif deal but I had no idea it was THIS big a deal that it could effect an entire city's traffic!"

NOTE: I guess there is one aspect of a sporting event I can connect with. I've been a fan of the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders since I was, I kid you not, three or four.

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