Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Smell the rubber melting on the track?

Smell the rubber melting on the track?

I feel like I’ve been in overdrive for as long as I can remember. I know it’s actually only been a few weeks that I’ve been busier than busy, triggered by the 9-to-5 ramping up alongside warmer temps / immunity to the cold bumping up the activity on my social calendar, but HOO BOY yowza. It’s certainly affected the amount of public writing I’ve been able to shoot out (and thank gawd for the awesome Chicagoist A&E writers for continuing to kick fucking ass even as I’ve had to pull back for a spell) but I’m hoping to catch up on some of that in advance of the usual influx of bands and new music that precedes and then succeeds that little shindig down in Austin each March.

So yes.

This isn’t an apology, heck no, but it is an explanation why most of my content onine has consisted of Tumblr posts or word bursts in 140 characters or less. (Which reminds me, you can always keep up with me on Tumblr and Twitter since I tend to put different content on each channel I surf online, sticking this and that where they are most appropriate.)

So hi! Happy Tuesday!

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