Thursday, March 03, 2011

On @MayorEmanuel, @DanSinker, and this whole hullabaloo.

On @MayorEmanuel, @DanSinker, and this whole hullabaloo.

I think the connective tissue, and it's what galls Rhodes and DeRo, is that yes, @MayorEmanuel was fiction, but it was fiction practiced by someone who theoretically is supposed to remain publicly neutral (however laughable that notion is in this day and age) in his views. But IS it an ethical breach? As a journalism teacher should Sinker have participated in the public discourse in a way that, again yes, was wholly unquestioning of Rahm Emanuel and even elevated him to the stature of "cool?"

Me? I thought the feed was a fucking hoot. And I hoped fervently that the author would never come forth for just this (the resulting media attention / criticism / obscuring of the actual object of creation) reason. But Sinker couldn't resist the adulation, so whatever results is not only on his shoulders but wholly open to the critical barbs raining down all around him.

Punk rock is NOT passively allowing b-roll to be shot of you merrily typing away at your Mac.

Long live @MayorEmanuel but, at this point, fuck @DanSinker (at least now, though I'm sure I'll forgive him) for taking so much of the joy out of his merry episodic romp by pulling back the curtain.


Danny Doom said...

i think the "Sinker couldn't resist the adulation" line is a little disingenuous:

As the weeks went by, the pressure began to take a toll on Sinker's psyche. "The train rides became totally paranoia-inducing by the end. I would think, 'Is anybody watching this? Why is that guy looking at my phone? Who is this?' he said. "Your brain starts going a little crazy. I'm looking forward to my brain not feeling so crazy."

Tankboy said...

Yeah, but that problem was solved when he sent the final tweet from that account.