Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Post #3,200.

Post #3,200.

The title of this post is just what it says it is. That's a fair number of posts, huh? Looking through my dashboard I see a few of those 3,200 posts are still in draft form so maybe I should amend the title to read 3,200 minus a handful still in draft form, but I'm not going to because whether you've read them or not 3,200 posts have been penned for this outlet.

Most of the posts here are reasonably substantial in length. It wasn't until relatively recently I decided it was OK to go for a couple days' stretch posting photos or a couple lines on content. If you turned all this into a book it'd be one heavy motherfucker, and I'm not just talking about weight. I have no idea how long you've been reading this site but whatever your length of stay I appreciate the attention you've given it.

Here's to at least 3,200 more!

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