Thursday, May 19, 2011

My procrastination approaches a deadline.

By procrastination, of course, I mean my own. And specifically, of course, I'm speaking of redesigning the page you are looking at right now. In some ways it should be easy since Le Blogger has made it so, but I'm still running under their olllllld template/dashboard so once I DO update I imagine there will be a fair to enormous amount of work to go through old posts and tidy them up. For instance, ever since Blogger rolled out the title field (that doesn't actually display in my current template) I've entered the title of each post both there and manually within the post. That means when I update ever post will look like it can't help repeating it's introduction.

I imagine it will feel like, "Hey! Look at me! Look at me! And now begins the content."

I know the pros outweigh the cons; pictures and video will be bigger, everything will be far cleaner looking and I imagine searchability will improve even further. At the same time I have to admit I'll miss the old layout. We've been together for almost a decade now so there's a definite attachment there. However, I think it's time for a change. And if the weather stays crappy that change may occur over this weekend!

Anyone wanna help me design a header?

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