Friday, July 08, 2011

A heavier Brotherhood

Photo by Beka Cope
JEFF The Brotherhood, congratulations! You've also on the list of bands I missed when they came through town and now I'm kicking myself for doing so!* Man, I'm on a roll. Anyway, their latest album We Are The Champions is one of those rare discs that hasn't been deleted from regular rotation after the first few listens. It's catchy rock and/or roll at it's best. A bit of pop, a dash of stoner, a smidge of metal and teensy sprig of psych all comes together to create a pretty tasty mix. They just released a re-recorded version of a tune that appears on that album, "Health & Strength." The original lightly rocks butt this new version throws the bottom back in and cranks up the volume. I think you'll find it especially delightful when the song hit the 1:48 mark. Crank it up, kids!

MP3: JEFF the Brotherhood "Health & Strength (Heavy Version)"

*OK, only kinda kicking myself. Why? They're coming back through Chicago next month to play August 18 at Reggie's. Woo hoo!

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