Thursday, July 28, 2011

A life more or less (probably less) ordinary.

In today's Life in Bullet Points we get a quick rundown of what's bubbling top of mind. Whee!

  • I've been chewing gum long enough you'd think I'dve learned how not to bite the BEJEEZUS outta the inside of my cheek, but you'd be wrong.
  • I think it was David Plotz of Slate who made this analogy first but it's true: the super Conservative Republicans holding up this whole debt ceiling thing are playing a game of chicken and they don't care if they crash head-on into the world economy since they believe they are absolutely right no matter what the price. You don't play chicken with the suicidal, and that's what these cats are.
  • I have secured a spot in the photo-pit at Lollapalooza for the one band I was most excited about shooting, so I am EXTREMELY happy about that. It makes the fact I'll be running the equivalent of thirteen marathons around Grant Park and Chicago during that weekend completely worth it.
  • I've been listening to Chicago garage-glam outfit Mickey's debut album and think they probably share a lot more in common with Foxy Shazam than they'd probably like. It doesn't bother me though; I like Foxy Shazam.
  • Speaking of Foxy Shazam, they were on my kickball team at Lolla last year. I wonder who's on my team this year?
  • Somebody stole Jessica Hopper's bike. That totally sucks. If you see it, help get it back to her!

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