Friday, August 19, 2011

Be yourself.

To the right is a photo that came with a press release about Danzig this morning. Now I like Danzig. I love the Misfits. That tune on the Less Than Zero soundtrack? Genius. The flak he caught for carrying his own damn container of kitty litter to his car? Ridiculous.

Say what you will, but I think Glenn Danzig is motherfucking cool.

So imagine my surprise at this publicity shot. Look, I'm a guy, and I like breasts, so I can understand why one might want to include them in a press photo. But I'm also halfway intelligent and realize breasts have no place in this photo. Or angel wings. Or what I presume to be a come hither look that actually comes across more like a "these straps on my shoe are really digging into that corn" face.

This press shot should just be motherfucking Danzig looking into the mother fucking camera looking motherfucking scary.

The end.


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Ever the grown-up.