Monday, August 15, 2011


It's Monday, let's stay unfocused.
  • Saw Hey Champ last night and it was possibly the best show I've ever seen them play. They had to play as a two piece since one member was held up (due to a flight delay, I think) so the band played exceptionally hard to cover  for that. had they played as a three piece they might have caused an explosion. Also, it was the first time I've seen them in a rock club and not a dance club or party thing so that was refreshing too. People forget they cut their teeth more on the rock side of things.
  • Got a convo going on Twitter based around my realization that -- outside people like me -- Pitchfork music writers toil in near anonymity. Then I realized almost all music writers toil in anonymity! And it bummed me out, because people should be recognized for their good work.
  • I like music writers, even though I can be pretty critical of 'em. And I don't mind 'em being just as critical right back!
  • There's been a lot of talk about music writing in general in my house since GalPal rediscovered her zeal for words and joined the Chicagoist staff.
  •  That's it. I'm done for today. I need some lunchhhhhhhh...

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