Friday, August 12, 2011

Hipster ipsum lorem sigh whatever.

Neither person in this photo is a hipster,
but how could i not use an Instagram shot in this post?
Carles mustache organic, freegan retro craft beer Pitchfork Thundercats keytar trust fund lo-fi tofu Echo Park. Wolf gentrify vegan, chambray ethical trust fund gluten-free. Yr gentrify put a bird on it, Vice homo gluten-free Echo Park skateboard. Gentrify American Apparel Shoreditch Austin Wes Anderson 8-bit. Cosby sweater art party cliche raw denim American Apparel bicycle rights, gluten-free next level shit single-origin coffee iPhone homo wayfarers fuck butcher. Gluten-free Etsy Shoreditch mixtape leggings. PBR twee mustache you probably haven't heard of them Tumblr quinoa.

McSweeney's leggings American Apparel fixie wolf. Organic artisan viral, gluten-free food truck Readymade fixie synth wolf. Fanny pack raw denim fixie mixtape, salvia Cosby sweater aesthetic chambray fap Etsy gluten-free. Williamsburg 8-bit PBR master cleanse freegan fixie, trust fund Stumptown single-origin coffee farm-to-table dreamcatcher VHS wolf sartorial. Twee Banksy Stumptown, iPhone Portland Wes Anderson yr Brooklyn biodiesel artisan cred photo booth scenester raw denim. Vinyl quinoa trust fund ethical bicycle rights single-origin coffee yr, mustache seitan before they sold out Etsy sartorial Brooklyn. Sustainable quinoa irony gluten-free chambray mustache.

Artisan twee mustache, gentrify bicycle rights photo booth jean shorts chambray you probably haven't heard of them. Cardigan photo booth wayfarers single-origin coffee, Helvetica cred hoodie before they sold out Shoreditch Williamsburg. Biodiesel skateboard Readymade, cliche craft beer art party Austin iPhone keytar sustainable wolf. Scenester biodiesel viral Tumblr, yr lo-fi Pitchfork High Life photo booth organic. Fuck viral gentrify, +1 fanny pack artisan Carles tattooed squid food truck Stumptown Etsy yr leggings sartorial. Mustache cred Pitchfork gentrify, Readymade skateboard yr beard fuck bahn mi viral 8-bit PBR. Gentrify sustainable sartorial gluten-free, Cosby sweater bicycle rights beard seitan Readymade Terry Richardson.



TC said...

cosby sweater for sure.

Tankboy said...

Hee hee! McSweeney's leggings American Apparel fixie wolf.