Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A real "up with people" kinda tune.

Any regular reader of mine might have been able to read between the lines lately and discern I am in a rare frame of mind (for me at least) that might commonly be described as "a funk" (ad not the good get-down kind). So I would like to thank the gentlemen in the photo above, Fang Island, for penning the song below. I had forgotten about it until a random PR email hit my inbox informing me said gentlemen above would be embarking on an East Coast tour shortly. My first thought was "Damn you, why not a Midwest tour?!" Then my eye spied the MP3 below, my cursor hit play and my ears grew happy. I hope this makes your ears happy too.

And if you too are in "a funk," then this might just yank you right outta there. Worked for me.

MP3: Fang Island "Daisy"

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