Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One day...

...I'll find a few seconds to write for myself. More than a few lines here. More than a few tweets there. More than a response to a status message. More than a brief couple paragraphs about a new song or a show that you should see.

I'm hungering to do more. But tonight is not when it's gonna happen. Maybe tomorrow?

We'll see. Keeping my daily commitment to writing SOMETHING for myself, no matter what, has gone s long way to keeping me sane, though.

What's your secret?


TC said...

pretty much the same thing actually!

Tankboy said...

I swear I barely have time to think lately. I told GalPal last night I'm beginning to understand why ad men in the '60s turned to drink so often!

Alas I don't have that option so I just dig in and get things done. It's satisfying in the end, but mentally draining while I'm in the middle of it.