Thursday, May 17, 2012

I wanna Djay too!

Last week, riding the train into work, I noticed this dude working a little app with turntables on his iPhone. I kept craning my neck to see what it was since it looked so cool. I could hear the results of his manipulations leaking out of his headphones and I wanted to make those sounds too!

I wasn't the only one entranced by this, since another dude walked up to the iPhone Dj and asked him what he was using. I couldn't hear the reply, but next thing you know one was giving the other a quick demonstration of how the app worked.

This went back and forth for a while until the inquisitive dude left the train. As I moved towards the door for my stop coming up next I couldn't help myself and also asked the iPhone DJ what the tool of his trade was. "It's Djay," he answered, "but it's spelled j-a-y. And it's so cool. You can just play with it for hours." And he was totally right.

While this in itself was a great little discovery what hit me most about the experience afterward is that three dudes who never met, and would never meet each other again, shared a unique moment on a train ad I suspect all of us benefited from it. I guess not all is dire and awful on the CTA.

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