Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maintain a sunny disposition.

Sunday it poured non-stop. Monday was better, mostly cloudy with only occasional mini-monsoons, and moods improved. Today it keeps flipping back and forth between torrential rain and bright sunny skies accompanied by hazy heat. All thanks to Tropical Storm Debby deciding to just camp out over Florida. Obviously we're still lucky since we haven't had flooding and no on in our area's been injured. So I'm thankful for that. And, despite the weather, we're having a good time. GalPal and I have learned to let the little things go (but, seriously, people need to learn to pay attention to where they're going and not just suddenly stop your group of twelve plus two strollers in the middle of the sidewalk) and just enjoy the downtime with each other. And I've had a chance to hang out with her family and that's always enjoyable.

So Debby, despite your best efforts, we're still enjoying our vacation.

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