Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Hair: 2012.

I remember the summer by brothers and I all got flat-tops. It was a terrible idea. There's nothing worse for a young man's development than being one of three little blonde boys with the same terrible haircut traveling across America in the summer. You get noticed a lot, and not in the way that builds confidence. Earlier tonight I got a haircut and man oh man is it short. On the one hand it's great for early summer because my previous 'do was getting way too shaggy and the humidity that's sure to head our way would've frizzed it all to hell. On the other I feel like it's really short. On the other, other hand I don't have to worry about it getting messed up by the Chicago winds for at least a few weeks! I probably should have gotten it cut a few weeks earlier so it would've grown out to the "early summer muss 'n fuss (without all that much muss)" by this point. But at least I know it should be the perfect length by the time Pitchfork Music Festival rolls around in a few weeks! And lord know you wanna look fashionably fine, but not too fine, at that festival.*

So my hair is short, and at first it threw me but now I realize it's probably the perfect length for this point in the summer. Well, unless I lived in California in which case my fellow surfer dudes might think I'm a narc.

*Full disclosure: I actually don't really care about looking fashionably fine at P4K Fest. As proof, you can view just about any picture of me there in the years I've attended. Stylish ain't my thing, really. Vanity? Yes. But on my own terms. Though that sounds a little dumb because isn't vanity always on one's own terms?


TC said...

If you are getting any of the weather we are, you definitely want as little hair as possible!

Tankboy said...

It's been a little toasty hereabouts, yes. So I definitely don't miss the days of having REALLY long hair!