Monday, November 12, 2012

Vacation afterglows that last 20 seconds or less.

GalPal and I went out of town Saturday and Sunday, escaping to Photogal's farmhouse since she so generously offered use of it to us, and it was lovely getting out of the city even if it was only for 36 hours or so. We came back feeling refreshed and awesome and ready to tackle the world! But now we're back in the work week and both of us are already feeling sentimental for yesterday. (Hey, that could be a song lyric!)

Anyway, even though the work week has decided to come at me like a bull on a turbocharged rocket sled, my day brightened a few moments ago when I just happened to notice this happened .

So hey, if you're one of those 3,000 people, you have my sincere thanks for deciding you'd like to follow me. I hope sometimes I'm helpful, sometimes I'm amusing and that those times help outweigh the times I'm just being an idiot.

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