Thursday, February 07, 2013


You can pretty much blame Rob Duffy for the fact I'm still writing about music and actually do so with a reasonably large audience.* DoneWaiting was arguably my first truly national writing platform, and I will forever be grateful to Rob for the opportunity he gave me and the doors it opened. The site is going dark at the end of next week but will live on as a print entity, so how's that for a weird move in today's online world? I think it's pretty awesome.

I had planned to travel to Columbus next week for the closing festivities and was looking forward to seeing all the Donewaiting peeps, most of whom I haven't seen since, well, my dad died.** Sadly due to some last minute scheduling changes I need to travel for work that weekend so I'm going to miss it. So I guess that means that Rob will just have to throw a launch party for the print version of donewaiting.***

*And you can blame Scott Smith for me still writing under the tankboy moniker, but that's a whole 'nother story.
**I was actually in Columbus for a Donewaiting party with the Woolworthy boys and was on my way home when my dad passed away. But I didn't know it then.
***Through the years I've never quite known the correct styleguide for writing "donewaiting." Is it DoneWaiting? Donewaiting? donewaiting? Let's avoid taking a stance and just use all three throughout this post.

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