Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No matter how old you are, basic things still surprise you.

So I'm in an elevated environment. Like, a mountain. And I couldn't figure out why I felt like crap, and couldn't breathe, and was constantly thirsty, and seemingly even more addicted to Carmex than usual AND THEN a denizen of the fair city within which I was (well, am) staying informed me that I'M ON A MOUNTAIN WAY ABOVE SEA LEVEL. And these are apparently things newbies like me encounter at high altitudes.

Which, you know, is something a dude with four decades experience of living under his belt would know, and once I went through the memory banks I did find info about high atitudes effecting people. But this is a terrific example of knowledge you know being different than knowledge you experience.

And that reminded me that no matter how much information I take in, it all means close to nothing if I'm not consuming experiences as well.

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