Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween, I ain't feeling you.

This was probably the last really good costume I wore, more than 3 years ago.
Usually I love halloween but this year I'm all meh about it. It could be because we were out of town at a B&B last weekend when most folks went all out and dressed in costume. It could be because in the past I got excited about bands covering other bands on Halloween and then every single fucking bar and club in Chicago jumped on that bandwagon, thus leaching out all the fun. It could just be that I'm no longer single and haven't been in a quite a while so I can't even get excited about girls in cute outfits. And I've never been one to dress in costumes—at least not since maybe the early '80s, so further the meh there. Hell, this years I haven't even gorged on horror movies in the days leading up to Halloween like I have in the past.


This should be the equivalent of adult Christmas for me?! I love Halloween! Wh can't I get excited about it this year. And what can I do to remedy this malady stat!

Until that happens, here's a creepy video David Bowie just released.

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