Friday, October 18, 2013

What's the deal with the 1975?

I'm being absolutely honest when I say I can't tell if The 1975 will grow into superstars or be a largely forgotten British export six months from now. They write music in the "alternative" vein of many bands just following the Britpop implosion of the late '90s, with big guitars and big choruses all while somehow maintaing an "indie" stance.

The group released a couple promising EPs before finally rolling them all together with a few additional tracks to form their self-title full-length debut in September. The 1975 is an accomplished collection, which is not surprising once you learn the quartet has been playing together for over a decade despite waiting to release any material until relatively recently. The result is music that flies by and feels attractive but you're still not sure what's going on underneath it.

Here, wait, this is one of those times watching a video from the band makes the most sense.

See what I mean? It all fits together so perfectly it's hard to find fault with it, but I've been living with this album for months—listening and re-listening and re-re-listening—and it keeps sliding out of my brain the second it finishes. It's not that the music feels artificial, these are genuinely good songs, but there is a weird transparency to its after-effects. So this makes me especially curious what the band is like live; will all the mental mercury turn into a shiny ball with weight and heft that rolls off the stage to crush the crowd or with the after-effect be just as wispy as experienced at home. 

Only one way to find out, huh? Sadly, I'm going to miss their appearance in Chicago this weekend due to a scheduling conflict so if you get a chance to see them live, or have already, let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

They were great. I think a big Parr of that feeling came from the highly enthusiastic crowd. Although their music is superb, the concert itself was lacking in song transition. In person off stage they are fun boys that sound not too overpowered by their current success, still willing to meet the fans with hugs and well wishes. Overall We loved it. Will see them again!

Tankboy said...

Thanks! I've heard from a few others that the show was great as well so I'll definitely clear my calendar next time they cone though!