Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Craft brewed Bud?

Friday I was all about chicken and farm fresh meals, and today it's beer. Fret not, I'm not turning into a foodie, this just happens to be circumstance. Or maybe the national food stuffing your face day of Thanksgiving is acting like a small sun pulling unexpected food-related pieces out of me and into its orbit. Come to think of it I also just wrote a piece abut my favorite comfort food in Chicago that will be like on Chicagoist later today, so maybe there is something to that theory!

Photo by GalPal
Budweiser sent GalPal some of their Project 12 beers a while ago and instead of just drinking them and sharing her own opinion she threw an impromptu tasting in her office at lunch time to try out three of the brewer's new "craft beer line" offerings. It's a good read and a refreshing way to review something, in my opinion. GalPal and I had our own Project 12 tasting session late Saturday night—the next morning our kitchen looked like we had a party with a dozen people in it since all our pint glasses were out since we used them to taste the samples, leading me to think we really need to buy some smaller glasses—and Batch 43229: The Beechwood Bock was my favorite, surprisingly. Usually I like my beers crisp and clean tasting—I'm not a huge fan of hops despite most craft brewers throwing those into the mix in outrageous amounts—but this brew had a darker and smokier taste that appealed to the more bourbon-happy portion of my palate.

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