Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sausage date!

Yum. Delicious.
GalPal and I went on a unique date Sunday night; I took her to a private class for the two of us at Chop Shop on how to make sausage from scratch. We made a bunch of it and then sat down to a romantic dinner to eat some of what we made. It was excellent. OUr guide through the process was this guy named Mike and he was terrific; knowledgable, an excellent teacher and a funny dude. We also met the main man of the joint Mario and he was a total pleasure to talk to as well.

While we were in the kitchen we saw a bunch of their food being made and my mouth was absolutely watering. The joint also has a functioning butcher counter and they're opening a live venue in the back.

We'll definitely be back for more meals, to buy some meat to make at home and to catch some live music.

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