Monday, January 27, 2014

A few quick thoughts on The Grammys.

Daft Punk photo via The Grammys
The musical performances largely sucked and showed just how out of touch the show's organizers are when it comes to what's actually entertaining. The fact that there are 82 Grammy Awards but only a smattering get handed out live on television is pretty insulting to all artists. And running credits over Trent Reznor and Queens of the Stone Age is a travesty only suprassed by the travesty of bringing Lindsey Buckingham onstage with you and then playing zero Lindsay Buckingham songs.

But there was one huge surprise last night. On the telecast a lot of the awards actually went to people who largely deserved them. And while America probably largely scratched its collective head wondering why robots and Paul Williams were collecting all the big Grammys while Jay-Z and taylor Swift spent the majority of the show in their seats and not onstage I was sitting in front of the TV actually smiling at the Grammys for once.

And of course there was this.

Maybe next year the producers should hand over the reins to those guys in the video and let them plan the show.

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