Thursday, January 23, 2014

Music, some you should maybe and some you should definitely, check out.

Brendan Benson heard I reviewed his album and now he's curious. Photo taken by me.
I've written a few reviews over the last few days for recent releases. Yesterday I covered the new albums from both Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and Brendan Benson. I liked one quite a bit and was rather cnflicted about the other. Read on and find out which was which!

Earlier today I reviewed the debut album from Z, formerly the frontman for Ultra Sonic Edukators (one of those local bands that was surprisingly good and even more surprisingly never really broke out before breaking up). If you like Britpop of Blur / Damon Albarn, you're going to like this stuff. I really think you should read my review. But I like this album so much I'll also include the whole thing streaming and downloadable below for free.

If you dig it, spread the word.

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