Thursday, January 16, 2014

Ouch, my head!

Who fell flat on his back and hit his head due to an unseen patch of ice on his way home Tuesday night? You guessed it, this guy. Who ended up in the ER yesterday morning because he was feeling funky and his doctor's office scared the holy bejeezus out of him and though he should get his head scanned. Yup, me! And who ended up having no sign of an internal bleed, news which led to elation until the supervising ER doc also told me that two scans in two years meant my head had taken in radiation equivalent to "hundreds" of X-rays and I probably didn't want to expose myself to much more in the near future? Me, myself and I!

My head still hurst but I'm glad it wasn't a concussion as bad as my last one, even if I'm now soaked in radiation. Also, maybe it's time for me to just start wearing a helmet when I walk to protect my head.

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