Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The world is not built on absolutes.

Photo by Chelsea Gomez (Oakes)
I am truly growing concerned that people are only learning how to react to and not actually think through and evaluate a situation. Too many times I'm amazed at how folks will take an opposing stance to something and then refuse to budge even when a fuller picture comes to light. It's sad but it's also worrisome because I'm seeing even people I consider to be really intelligent becoming hobbled by a narrow worldview.

We all have our beliefs—and I'm not suggesting we should become so wishy-washy when it comes to viewing all sides of an issue that we never form an opinion—but the world is not built on absolutes. It's built on complicated and often conflicting components that build complex situations and to latch onto one piece of a larger problem and claim that's the only segment that matters is no way to solve it sensibly.

In an era when information is coming at us at an astounding speed it's even more important than ever to truly process this stuff instead of selectively grabbing this bit or that piece that fits nicely with your own beliefs.Yes, it's incredibly easy to do just that but that makes it all the more important that you don't.

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