Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hoping that a legend doesn't disappoint.

I'm going to see Stephen Malkmus play tonight despite having mixed feeling about his latest album (and, to be honest, his solo work as a whole). But I have such a long history with his music, stretching back to the earliest Pavement releases (though I remember those having to grow on me at the time) and seeing that band play live about a jillion times. I just worry when these older indie guys start to venture into jam-band territory, and that certainly seem to be where Malkmus has been headed.

UPDATE: The show didn't disappoint.

Photo by me.
Even the longer compositions were tight instead of loose. And GalPal really enjoyed it to so I think that's a sign that Malkmus still has it. Also? i've never seen him look so relaxed or happy during a show.

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