Monday, March 03, 2014

Sick day.

I called in sick today. This is remarkable in itself since I never call in sick and realized that's probably because of FOMO more than anything else but as I've grown older I'm realizing the world will turn with or without me and things will run much more smoothly if I'm healthy. It's even more remarkable because I made the usual offer of "I'm available in case of emergency" only to have my boss tell me absolutely not, take an actual sick day and don't do any work from home. That is truly a unique experience for me, even more so because I know he meant it and it wasn't just words spoken with the expectation they'd be ignored and I'd put in a full eight hours no matter what.

The end result? I actually feel rested and well this evening, and not worn out and even more run down. And tomorrow i'm ready to go back in and tackle the world at 100% power.

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